Evdə Təkər Servisi

Evdə təkər servisi, işi davam edir. Patlayan təkər texnologiyamız evdə müştərinin avtomobil yolunda qopmuş təkəri düzəltmək üzərində işləyir.

Did you know that if you have a flat tire at home there are service providers like Sparky Express who come to your house to fix or change your flat tire?

Meet the "flat tire service at home" from Sparky Express!

If you have a passenger vehicle with a flat tire in your driveway or underground parking garage at home, there's no need tp panic! Sparky Express provides reliable evdə təkərlərin partlaması in Toronto, Ajax, Markham, Oshawa, Pickering, Richmond Hill, Scarborough, Vaughan, and Whitby, Ontario, Canada.

Basically we come to your house to fix your flat tire (repairing the flat tire is only possible if the tire has a puncture of less than 1/4 inches in diameter), or, to install your spare tire.

We don't sell tires, but we can fix your flat tire, or get you back on the road after installing the spare tire, then you can take the damaged tire to a tire shop if the tire needs to be replaced.

Lots of customers are asking us to bring a new tire. Why don't we?

First of all, all automakers recommend that all tires on a vehicle must be the same brand, make, model, and size. You can't just drive around with different tires on the wheels, especially on the newer car models.

Secondly, proper tire shop equipment should be used when installing a tire on rim, because otherwise, the rim could be damaged, but also, because the wheel getting a new tire must be re-balanced after the tire was successfully installed. This requires heavy duty machinery that just can't be driven around in a van. Also, it's impossible to carry so many different tire types, brands or sizes in a truck, unless we drive a big semi-truck with a 53ft trailer, which, sorry...we don't.

Got a flat tire at home? Take a deep breath and think!

  • Variantları 1: if you have a slow tire leak, the tire has more than likely a small puncture that can be fixed, so book a flat tire repair service at home, to come to your house and fix your tire.
  • Variantları 2: if you notice that your tire is off the rim, or has large cuts in it, call a flat tire change at home service, to come and install your spare tire.
  • Variantları 3: if you don't have a spare tire in your car, and the tire was badly damaged, you gotta call a tow truck. Some cars don't have a spare tire, and in situations like this, you need to tow the car to a tire shop, or to your mechanic.

Whenever you need a reliable flat tire service at home in the Greater Toronto Area, Sparky Express kömək etmək üçün buradadır!

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